Lewin’s change model, “Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze” is a 3-stage theory of change that has been widely accepted across business organizations since 1947 (Burnes, 2019). While dated, this model remains quite relevant in today’s business environment because many subsequent models utilize it to form the framework for their own (Connelly, 2020). This suggests that the foundational concepts behind Lewin’s model remain just as important as always, and for good reason! In order for a business organization to change current processes, they must of course be willing to do so (unfreeze stage), pursue the transition (change stage), and establish new stability (refreeze…

Creating a culture of innovation
Creating a culture of innovation

Innovation at any functional level involves a shift from the status quo, and while some companies appear to excel in this regard, more often than not it is industry-driven. Take Google, for example. We expect this type of organization to be forward-thinking when operating within its particular market! If it wasn’t, its competitors would crush them at the blink of an eye. But what about more traditional companies? Those that have been long-standing, which are generally bound by upper and lower limits, that prevent it from developing some ground-breaking new technology? …

Mike Bianco

I am a business strategy enthusiast who shares an equal passion for innovation and data-driven insights. In my spare time, I'm all about sports and family!

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